Design Tips For Short-Term Rentals

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These furnishing tips will help you create a desirable rental property without breaking the bank:

Identify Your Audience

Are the people likely to be staying in your property single, couples, families, or budget-minded backpackers?  You will have a wide array of travelers from all types of backgrounds calling your place home, but by really understanding the needs of your core audience you’ll be better able to serve them.

If you’re not sure who your audience is, ask your rental agency who the property that you have purchased is most-likely to appeal to in their experience.

When you have a better idea of who your audience is, you can take the next step and invest further in items that are likely to appeal to them. Investing in a printer or big screen TV will offer significantly more value to different audiences.  Investing in amenities that speak to a particular audience will help you close more deals.

It is also worth noting that 90% of family vacation travel is planned by women.  If you have a rental unit with multiple bedrooms and know you are hosting many families you should skew your marketing and decor toward a female market. Consider using throw pillows, flowers and ‘feminine’ design touches to your rental property.

Below are some simple tips that will help you help you create a great atmosphere without breaking the bank:

Select a Theme

One of the reasons why renting apartments on a short-term basis is attractive to many visitors is that they avoid bland hotel rooms and experience a city like a local. Create an authentic, local getaway by integrating aspects of Thailand and Pattaya into your rental property.

Many visitors coming to Pattaya are visiting the city because they love Thai culture and so it can be a great idea to incorporate some traditionally Thai elements of design into your property.  Click here for more information about how to incorporate Thai-style design into the personality of your apartment.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, the key to appealing to the broadest audience is a clean, timeless design.  Elements of style and taste vary greatly and will change quickly. But there a several things you can do to provide a design that will stand the test of time.

Rental Decorating Do’s

Decorating a place for rental is easier and cheaper than decorating a private home. Act as if you are offering a home for resale. The goal is to appeal to the greatest number of people for the lowest price. Having fewer ornaments, valuables and breakable items will save you money and frustration.

Neutral Colors & Natural Woods

Once again, think like you are decorating a home for resale. The goal is to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers. Selecting neutral colors for walls and natural woods for furnishing will ensure that your decor will appeal to the greatest number of people and won’t be going out of style next month. Your walls and tables should act as the bones of the place. The real character should be added with accent pieces.

Accent Pieces

Most decorating ideas are made easier if you start with one statement piece. A statement piece can be a painting, colorful piece of furniture, pottery, or just about anything with color. Use this statement piece to select other complimenting colors for items throughout the room.

Use Fabrics

It is amazing how often fabrics are overlooked when it comes to furnishing a rental property. Fabric can bring your place from boring to exceptional. Decorative fabrics can be used in the obvious places such as throw pillows and slipcovers, and in less obvious places such as window coverings and even wall hangings. Want to block off a horrible color on a wall?  Simply anchor a wall covering and you can have a fresh look to a very outdated room. Using fabrics can create some wonderful design effects and they are fairly inexpensive.

Maximize Your Beds

The more people that can squeeze into your rental unit, the more revenue you can squeeze out of it. Always have a futon or pull out couch in the living room. Have two separate full beds in an extra room that can be pushed together to accommodate two children or a couple.  Get the biggest mattress that can fit into the master bedroom. Try to avoid anything smaller than a king-sized bed.

Think about your rental price as a cost per pillow. The more heads you can support, the more you can charge. Many more people will be able to afford your place if they can divide the cost between couples. Have an inflatable mattress and always advertise the maximum number of guest that can cram into your property.

Minor Details

  • Pass the smell test, add potpourri near the front entrance.
  • Leave plenty of hallway space from the front door to the room(s), or else baggage will be banging against your walls and furniture constantly.
  • Have available outlets, extension cords, and even iPhone chargers on hand.
  • A doormat will save your floors and carpet.

Rental Decorating Don’ts

Personal Items

If you spend some time in your property yourself and rent it out the rest of the time, get rid of clutter and keep your space classic and clean. You may be a golfing fanatic, but it’s going to be better to put your clubs and trophies into storage rather than cluttering up your property with them.  The goal is to make every guest feel comfortable and at home. Tuck away personal photos, clothes, office records and toiletries. Keep your rental property more ‘anonymous’. Your rental property is not the place to display family portraits in the living room or used toothbrush in the medicine cabinet.

Practice the three C’s: Classic decor, in a Clean space, free of Clutter.

Purchasing High-end Furniture

Aesthetics for photographs is more important than the comfort of your beds and sofas. You should be furnishing to achieve quality photographs that highlight your property’s atmosphere, amenities and decor. The level of comfort or even durability of the furniture will not make a big impact when guests consider booking with you or your rental agent. It will also have minimal impact on guest feedback. No one is going to complain because the couch is slightly stiff, or the side table is not made from teak. So when it comes time to purchase furniture, think more about how the items will appear in your photographs and less about whether it will be a durable family heirloom.

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