Upgrading on a Budget

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Maybe you have an apartment or villa in Pattaya that you’re looking to rent out or resell that doesn’t seem to be getting much interest from either buyers or renters. Especially if your property is a few years old already, you are sure to be a lot more successful if you were to spend just a little time and money on upgrading your property to make it more appealing.

Usually renovations, remodels, redesigns and revamps can cost plenty of time and money. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Just some small changes can make a world of difference to the desirability of your property. Making small improvements can result in dramatic results. It doesn’t take weeks and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

In a market like Pattaya, you want to open your home up to the largest possible audience to rent or buy it. If it’s too specific, then it’s going to eliminate many people who would otherwise want to rent it.

For example, a couple asked me to upgrade their chic designer villa. They had a young child and her playroom was located where the dining room should have been. The entrance foyer was a strange combination of furniture styles. Even though it was a beautiful villa, potential tenants couldn’t imagine the dining room or foyer because it looked cluttered and chaotic. They were immediately turned off by the children’s toys all over the place. The point is, if you want to rent – or if you want to resell your property – then you have to make sure the property looks its best.

With any real estate, you don’t get a second chance. If the first impression is bad, then it’s simply not going to rent or sell. It’s that simple.
Here are some suggestions for cheap and cheerful upgrades that will make a world of difference to your property.

  1. New light fixtures with clear crisp light. They will make the space feel cheery and bright.
  2. Select a colour palette inspired by nature – with warm greys, crisp whites and soft blues.
  3. New bathroom hardware. Install new taps and a new showerhead. Buy plush spa towels for the bathroom, plus new bathroom accessories.

But the biggest tips of all aren’t going to cost you anything at all. Most important of all is getting rid of any clutter that you have in your home. Tenants and buyers want to see an uncluttered space that they can add their own identity to.

Your apartment also needs to be impeccably clean. This means removing or replacing stained rugs, carpet and/or furniture. Bathrooms and kitchens should also be spotlessly clean as well as all the light fixtures.

Make sure everything is in perfect working condition too. No leaky taps or holes in the wall. If the throw pillows look old, then replace them. If the sofa is tattered, get rid of it or cover it.

Don’t make tenants and potential buyers have to imagine how nice your property could be – show it to them already. Most tenants and buyers have little imagination as to how nice a property could be with just a little extra effort. They want to see it perfect from the get-go.

Once you have everything looking as good as you can get it, take new pictures or, better still, hire a professional photographer to take them for you. If the photographs or your property are blurred, badly lit or badly framed, or if your property is cluttered and untidy inside, then you will find it very hard to get any interest at all in it from potential tenants or buyers who find your property on your agent’s website.

Finally, there are some major don’ts for anyone looking to upgrade their apartments. Don’t install ugly new appliances, for appliances. I saw a listing where the owner boasted of a new renovation – but the appliances were shiny jet black and ugly. So it was a turn-off and downgraded the kitchen’s value. Don’t paint the walls purple or any other bold colour that could offend potential buyers. One owner painted his whole bedroom mocha brown and it made the whole space dreary and feel small. Also don’t buy a cheap new furniture set. Too cheap looks cheap. If you’re going to invest in new furniture, then make sure it appeals to the target audience.

Just a few cheap and simple tweaks could be all it takes to dramatically improve the appeal of your property.

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