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October 2016 – Pattaya Furniture

An Introduction to Feng Shui

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Most people have heard of ‘feng shui’, but many people have very little understanding as to what it actually is.  To many people, feng shui is ‘only for Chinese’, ‘mere superstition’, ‘new age hippy thinking’ or even ‘something to do … Continued

Design Tips For Short-Term Rentals

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These furnishing tips will help you create a desirable rental property without breaking the bank: Identify Your Audience Are the people likely to be staying in your property single, couples, families, or budget-minded backpackers?  You will have a wide array … Continued

Upgrading on a Budget

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Maybe you have an apartment or villa in Pattaya that you’re looking to rent out or resell that doesn’t seem to be getting much interest from either buyers or renters. Especially if your property is a few years old already, … Continued