Ten Interior Design Trends for 2016

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Are you looking for your new apartment or villa to feature the hottest new interior design elements for 2015? Here’s a list of ten elements that are hot right now according to some of the world’s leading interior designers.

1. Big, Comfy Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas were big in the late-Eighties, but now they are back in a big way, and why shouldn’t they be? As living rooms have become more relaxed places for lounging, we have less need for formal sofas and more love for a versatile padded zone that lets us sprawl out however we like. A comfortable sectional sofa invites one to lie down with a plush throw to relax while watching TV, or chatting on your tablet.

2. Deep Blue Colours

The hottest new colour for 2015 an interesting, saturated blue. Traditionally, blue has been a calming colour. People like the idea of cozying up in the hues of the deepest sea. As black and charcoal grey starts to fall out of style, here’s a new way to add richness and drama to any room.

3. Old Table, Modern Seats

A new trend that is becoming increasingly popular is where contemporary chairs are paired with rustic tables. By pairing up two different objects that don’t seem to go together, you’re actually emphasizing the best qualities of both.

4. Black Window Sashes

Anyone who has ever seen a woman wearing eyeliner and mascara knows this fact: When you draw a dark line around something, you call attention to it. The same principle can be applied to interior design by edging windows with black trim. Dark colours not only draw the eye to a beautiful window frame, but also pulls one’s gaze to the beautiful views outside.

5. Vintage Bathtubs

In this digital world, it’s sometimes nice to retreat to something low-tech. Most vintage-style tubs don’t have jets or infinity edges, but they do allow for an old-fashioned, all-embracing soak. On a related note, bathtubs in bedrooms are also now becoming increasingly popular. There’s something unspeakably luxurious about being able to roll out of bed and straight into a deep bathtub (or vice versa).

6. Libraries as Decor

There’s something soothing about being surrounded by books. And now libraries are making a comeback, despite the proliferation of e-readers. Libraries preserve memories of the characters, the words, and the stories that have touched us—and remind us of where we’ve been and who we want to be.

7. Pale Driftwood Finishes

When it comes to wood finishes, we’re looking toward the beach and its pale-grey shades of driftwood. Products in this hue have the softness of lighter-colored boards but the gravitas of dark planks.

8. Hexagons and Honeycombs

Geometric hexagons and honeycomb shapes are hot — whether in the form of furniture items or in a tile or fabric pattern. The polygon feels both modern-modular and organic at the same time.

9. Four-Poster Beds

Four-poster beds are hardly new, but like many classic furniture designs, they are making a major comeback in 2015. Why now? People love the romance of the pillared pieces. Plus, their cube-like form suggests four walls, which gives loungers a feeling of privacy and sanctuary, especially in large open spaces such as duplexes.

10. The Statement Light

You’ve heard about statement rings and statement sports cars. Now we’re entering the age of the statement light fixture. None are more popular than grid-like light fixtures. The benefit of these beauties is that they are stunning no matter which way the switch is flipped. Switched off, they look like sculpture. Switched on and they cast lovely light and shadow patterns around the room.

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